You’re bacon me crazy

It was getting late one evening while in Kaibab National Forest. The three of us had only recently arrived, located a sufficient camping site, and set up our tents and hammock for the night. It was time to decide what we were going to have for dinner. Darkness sets in really fast in the west and we were not entirely prepared for how quickly the environment changed. As soon as the sun settled behind the rugged terrain, the temperature began to drop and our attention quickly turned toward the fire and what we were going to have for dinner. Our little three member team quickly ran down the list of what things were left uneaten from the grocery run the day before. When we quickly settled on the fact that we had bacon, we were excited about the prospects of what was to come. The only problem, we left most of our gear behind on this impromptu excursion about an hour and a half north of Flagstaff toward the Grand Canyon. We left in such haste that we didn’t exactly bring everything we had intended. Luckily, we had the Camp Chef Sherpa table!

This little kitchen table and organizer from Camp Chef was a life saver, or at least a dinner saver on this cold, dark, and otherwise beautiful western evening. Stored away in this little Camp Chef table was everything we were going to need to be able to not only cook, but devour all the bacon we had left in our Dometic refrigerator. Luckily, I keep the Sherpa table stocked up with a few single burner stoves, plenty of fuel, utensils, and other necessary cooking hardware. We were able to cook two complete pounds of bacon on that little single burner stove top and top off what was already a pretty incredible day, complete with our first trip to the Grand Canyon. The only remaining problem we were still completely unaware of.

We were enjoying the fire as we began to notice we were burning through what little bit of firewood we brought with us. Did I mention we weren’t exactly prepared for this quick trip? We began to look around for what was capable to be used as fodder for the campfire. One item of note, it is always a good idea to do a preliminary scouting of one’s campsite prior to getting completely settled. This survey can provide you with information about what animals or wildlife might be near by and you might encounter. Our set-up had been so rushed that we weren’t able to get a thorough survey of our campsite. During our scavenge for firewood, a rather harrowing pile of bones was found only a few yards away from our site. The bones were not as alarming as the leg of an Elk which was obviously still fresh. We discovered quickly that we were in a kill zone of a predator. The more we inspected the area around the campsite, the more bones which were found. We continued to search for any other fresh remains but with no avail.

Remember that bacon we had just finished cooking? We unknowingly sounded the alarm for any animal within a 20 mile radius about our presence by cooking all that bacon. Needless to say, we were a little on edge for the rest of the evening. The darkness seemed to close in around us with an intensity we hadn’t previously recognized and the area which was quite vast and large seemed to get smaller. There may or may not have been weapons drawn in the National Forrest. Altogether, it was a fun night and no one was eaten (or shot)!

We would like to thank: Camp Chef (Sherpa Table), Dometic (CFX75DZ), Smithfield Bacon Products, & Glock (26 & 43).

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