Best Camping Gear for Under $100

With Father’s Day coming up, I wanted to begin a brief series of my favorite camping equipment for less than $100. I am hoping that this will both be a gear review and a recommendation for some great gifts for dad.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one piece of kit with you, what would you choose? Everyone has their own way to answer this question and its often riddled with justifications and tales of prior exploits. Having the right gear is an important part of making the most of enjoying the outdoors. The gear in your kit can make the difference between just surviving and having an enjoyable time. One of the most important pieces in my outdoor kit is my Camp Chef Sherpa Table.

Some of the key features I like about the table are its roll top surface that is stow-able. This versatile top can be used for any of the needed functions a table provides at a camp site. I have used this table as a portable desk while also using it to provide a surface for cooking and eating.

Under the removable roll-top is underneath storage which is provided by four color coded compartments. These units are soft storage for whatever your needs may be. I personally used one storage container for utensils and cookware while another holds necessary cable and electronic accessories. The zippers are on the larger size and seem durable enough. I haven’t had any issue with them in a multitude of uses throughout a year of use.

If there is one negative comment I can make about this overall unit, its simply that the adjustable legs do not provide enough height for a person of my stature (6’3″). I would like to see the adjustment come with one or two more options for length on the leg height. I’ve also noticed that if the legs get dirty or dusty, collapsing the legs can prove somewhat difficult but this isn’t a problem that would prevent me from making the purchase again.

Overall, this is a device that I highly recommend for anyone looking for overlanding gear. The uses of this piece are far to versatile to be enumerated in a simple review and I’m certain that each person would and will utilize it differently. There are very few things that I have in my gear for under $100 that make such an impact.

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